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EVE Online Launches Supercarriers, Bounties, and Encounter Surveillance System Changes

All these updates...

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Several updates have hit EVE Online, virtually overhauling supercarriers, bounties, and the Encounter Surveillance System.

Regarding supercarriers, you can now respawn inside a local fleet Supercarrier. This has now doubled in size in addition to a pretty substantial visual update. This is the Vat Out of Hel update previously announced which include these changes for supercarriers:

  • Wyvern and Aeon fighter damage bonus increased to 7.5%
  • 10% increase in Heavy Fighter HP
  • Light Fighter speed reduced by 10%
  • Light Fighter signature increased by 10%
  • Supercarrier SMB capacity increased to 5m from 2.5m

The Dynamic Bounty System is also getting overhauled with respect to bounty payouts. If you’re a corporation, you’ll really need to use more of your space if you want to upkeep your income. You can learn more about this here.

Finally, the previously announced Encounter Surveillance System (ESS) updates are now live. As a reminder, the ESS is no longer optional and will be present by default in all Nullsec systems. Its location is public and can only be accessed with specific ship classes. You can check out our article about these changes here.


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