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EVE Online Launches Its Uprising Expansion, Bringing Expansive Changes To Faction Warfare

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online's expansion, Uprising, has now officially be released, hitting New Eden and bringing fundamental changes to one of the MMO's game systems: faction warfare.

The first of these changes was announced way back at EVE Fanfest 2022, with the team announcing that it would be launching a major expansion for EVE Online for the first time in years. Throughout the year, narrative breadcrumbs have been dropped for players to explore, as well as updates by the team on the factional warfare content updates that aim to shake the system to its foundations.

Via this morning's press release: 

"Following months of construction by the Amarr empire, an activated Prototype Stellar Transmuter in the Turnur system has destabilized, its unstable technology triggering the fury of its system's sun to scorch an entire planet. In the aftermath of the inferno, the intrepid pilots of New Eden must rally to determine the future of EVE Online’s empires. Fly your colors and fight on the frontlines to expand your faction’s reach across the stars."

Faction Warfare and the changes being made to the feature is the big, heavy hitting addition, bringing a whole new system and way of engaging in the mechanic. Players will need to focus their fights to gain an advantage in each system, with new designations being created to detail what kind of system you're fighting in and what the objective is: Frontlines, Command Operations and Rearguard. The new faction warfare changes that have launched today with the expansion are but part of the puzzle, as CCP Games aims to iterate on the system and add more or tweak it as needed to ensure players are able to conquer and blow each other up to the fullest.

You'll likely have. abetter in-game idea of who you're shooting also thanks to the new Heraldry system added to EVE Online. Players can now fly their alliance or corporation colors on their ships, adding a bit more personality to the MMO. There are sixteen new ships in EVE Online to try this out on as well, including new Dreadnoughts to drop into a system and take your objective as well. Some player owned structures will also sport new hangars, showing off these ships in more detail in the world than ever before.

EVE Online has been ramping up to this expansion over the year, with last week's Turnur I event possibly having a far-reaching effect on not just the system itself, but New Eden as a whole.


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