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EVE Online Launches EVE Academy, A Resource To Help New Capsuleers In New Eden

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online is known for being a game that can be somewhat complex and daunting to get into as a beginner. CCP has been working for years on how to provide the best ways to keep new players engaged, and its latest endeavor, EVE Academy, aims to do just that.

EVE Academy is an online resource giving new players tips, tutorials and more to keep them going in New Eden. While EVE Online has a built in tutorial that gives some glimpses of the different tpyes of gameplay, one of the enduring aspects of EVE is its directionless nature. It's a pure sandbox, one that allows players to just pick a director or path and just fly. 

However, as a result, that lack of direction can turn a lot of potential players away. EVE Academy looks to be a resource that helps teach new players the ropes. CCP Games states that the Academy itself is developed with "collaboration with the EVE community," so existing veterans will also be imparting knowledge for players that can only be learned after years of playing.

"A new resource has been launched to enhance the new player experience in EVEEVE Academy is a website aimed at giving new EVE Online players the best start by providing a tailored learning experience. It provides a wealth of information designed to help new players decide who they want to be in New Eden."

Right now the Academy offers information on the different career paths, from explorers to PvP, as well as has some tutorial videos on getting started and details the "Magic 14," or 14 essential skills new players should focus on first. EVE Academy isn't the only resource out there for new players, as a player-led Corporation, EVE University, has been providing tutorials and wikis for years now. However, Academy is being made by CCP with players, so the information on the page, once it's had it's full "launch" will include up-to-date info as new features and more are added to EVE Online

You can check out EVE Academy here. Also, we recently talked to EVE Online's team about what it meant to work on a game that has survived for eighteen years. Check out our full interview.


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