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EVE Online Is Updating The Look Of Career Agents, Testing DX12 And More

Laying EVE's Foundation

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a new blog post, CCP Games detailed the foundation it's building for its sci-fi MMO, EVE Online. The team started to lay out that vision for the free-to-play MMO at EVE Fanfest in May, and is continuing with its tests coming to its Singularity test server. 

The updates coming to EVE Online's Singularity server are meant to help build what CCP calls a "sensory experience." Updates to visuals and the audio of New Eden are coming, with higher fidelity than ever seen in EVE Online, all with "minimal impact on client performance."

Additionally, the team is gearing up to test one of the pillars of this new foundation: DirectX 12. 

"Furthermore, in preparation for enabling DirectX12 we are planning mass test next week. DirectX 12 is key to modernizing EVE and laying the foundations for the third decade and is a crucial part of the narrative journey that lies ahead in New Eden."

Arguably one of the biggest changes coming visually to Sisi is the Career Agents window. Currently, it's rather drab, with a block of text, a static image of who you are talking to, and not much else. Now, the new layout shows a full model of the agent rendered in EVE's engine, as well as a more clearly laid out conversation table, showing the mission, rewards, and more. It brings more life to the presentation for sure, and hopefully, it's just the start of this new trend of ensuring the characters players interact with feel like more than just static pictures, but living characters within New Eden as well.

You can check out the full news post on the EVE Online website. Recently, we had the chance to talk to CCP's  CEO Hilmar Petursson as well as creative director Bergur Finnbogason about EVE Forever, and laying the groundwork for the third decade.


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