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EVE Online Is Testing Its Native Mac Client This Week

Running From April 15th through April 21st

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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EVE Online is testing its native EVE Online client for macOS machines this week, inviting players on Singularity to help uncover issues with the client.

The macOS playtest will be launching this week on April 15th and run through April 21st on EVE Online's test server, Singularity. The EVE Online team stresses that the macOS client isn't a finished product, but that the purpose of the test is to identify serious issues that could prevent the client from working optimally at a full launch.

"At the end of 2020 we posted the news that we would be making a native EVE client for macOS. We are now excited to announce the dates for our first public playtest! The playtest will take place between 15 April and the 21 April on our test server, Singularity. As with the 64bit client, your participation would be invaluable in helping the team create a stronger technical foundation for EVE to continue setting it up for its third decade. A native Mac Client means a better experience for existing macOS players, and will in addition bring new players to New Eden."

One thing to note is that the macOS client will use additional space than the currently client on Mac, though CCP Games says when the full native client officially launches it'll be the same size as the Wine client right now. CCP also stresses that those players who participate in the test to not take what is seen on Singluarity to inform your decisions on the Tranquility server, EVE's live version.

EVE Online just recently released a new update bringing new landmarks and refreshing existing ones. Additionally, today saw the release of a sweeping industry changes that the team has been teasing and working on in update after update for the better part of a year. 


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