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EVE Online Is Shaking Up Industry In Upcoming Update

Affecting Tech I Ship Manufacturing

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online is shaking up how industry works in New Eden, rolling out two updates starting in April in an attemp to make the industrial path in the space-faring MMO a bit easier to understand.

In a rather legnthy post that highlights the significant changes coming to EVE Online's industrial gameplay, CCP Games lays out the plan to make changes to industrial, mainly focusing in on Tech I manufacturing, to make its "progression more consistent and easier to understand." 

"The path for aspiring builders in New Eden will be clearer than ever – so if you have ever thought about getting into industrial production, this is a good time to start! In addition, experienced builders will have a new set of challenges to rise to in their field of expertise."

The goal is to make industrial gameplay easier to understand and get into, with CCP Games highlighting some of what the changes will mean. This includes things such as increasing the importance of Wormholes and Wormholers by giving them ore impact on New Eden overall, as well as making R4 moons a but more relevant again. CCP is also hoping that the changes brought here will make manufacturing more "robust and interesting," as well as lay the groundwork for another resource distribution. 

The change to manufacturing will also bring new required components for building some of EVE Online's fleets, affecting blueprints for Battleship, Captials and Supercapital ships. The update will be shipping in two phases, with the first hitting in April. CCP says it's meant to "The first update will distribute the necessary blueprints, reactions, and components that will become a requirement in ship manufacturing." As such, this sets the stage for when the next phase hits, making these new components requried for manufacturing.

With the changes in April to industry, CCP also layed out changes to Mycoseocin gas, including increased distribution rates and potency changes in products using the gas. All of these changes, the Icelandic developer states, are part of its continuing effort to make changes that will positively affect the health of New Eden moving forward.

You can read the full blog post (as well as download a list of the preliminary changes) on the EVE Online website to learn more. 


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