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EVE Online Is Making A 20th Anniversary Mosaic Full Of Its Players

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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EVE Online is celebrating 20 years this year, and part of the festivities will see the developers seek to build a mosaic full of the capsuleers who have made the 20 years possible.

Players can be part of the mosaic that celebrates the capsuleers who have written New Eden's history by logging in until March 22nd and completing three challenges. The challenges are the standard ones, such as the Skilling Spree, Mining Blitz or the Skillers in the Abyss challenges that EVE runs every so often. However, you'll need to complete the challenges and then confirm via an email sent to your account within a few days to be added to the mosaic.

The mosaic is being set up to celebrate 20 years of EVE Online, with a digital version coming this May when the MMO turns 20. Players who make the trek to Iceland later this year for EVE Fanfest will be able to view it and find themselves in its full glory as the mosaic will be made real for the event.

In other EVE Online news, a new Scope video was released highlighting the current struggles of the in-game NPC empires amid all of the factional warfare raging throughout New Eden. Currently, the in-universe newscast is centering on a scandal that has broken between the Amarr and Caldari factions, as well as movements in the beleaguered Intaki system. 


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