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EVE Online Is Gearing Up For Its Winter Nexus Event, Coming On December 5th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online is gearing up for its next seasonal event, the Winter Nexus, which hits New Eden on December 5th. The event brings winter snowstorms to space (because video games), giving players a chance to earn SKINs, loot and more.

The annual Yioul event brings the winter season to New Eden, with "snowy metaliminal storms" that travel around the stars that make up EVE Online's universe. These storms house Sansha enemies to tackle at sites, which range from your straightforward combat zones to exploration hacking sites. EVE Online's Winter Nexus event also brings a 'special Yioul resource site" for players to explore and earn rewards. 

Daily challenges will also be live during the event, handing out SKIN licenses, skill points, filaments and more. Alpha players can ear 125K skill points during the event, while Omega account holders can claim even more - 525K skill points - throughout the event period.  

The new SKINs are from my favorite cosmetic line in New Eden, the Aurora Universalis lne, so I can't wait to kit out even more of my frigates, destroyers, and more with them.

The Winter Nexus event comes to EVE Online during one of its more chaotic periods in recent memory. Pirate insurgencies rage across the star cluster, with players siding with Pirate cartels to fight the major NPC empires in factional warfare. Meanwhile, a massive heist worth the mid-trillions of ISK rocked one of the largest nullsec player alliances in the MMO, though we're still left wondering exactly why this happened (other than playing for the record books). Meanwhile, just two days later, EVE Online's first-person shooter module, EVE Vanguard will host its first alpha event. 


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