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EVE Online Is Closing Out Capsuleer Day Celebrations With An Abyssal Free-For-All

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The 19th-anniversary celebrations for EVE Online are coming to a close, and CCP Games is closing them out with a bang. The Second Capsuleer Day Proving Grounds event brings a new free-for-all challenge to the MMO.

The Abyssal Proving Grounds Free-For-All will see capsuleers battling it out with an anniversary-themed set of conditions, including a 19% boost to turret and missile damage, faster ship velocity, and more. The free-for-all is centered around the Sunesis (which makes sense - it's a ship that practically anyone can fly, and CCP has given them away as part of the log-in campaign during the event), allowing players of all skill levels to participate.

Via the news post on the EVE Online website:

"To liven up the party further, the arena itself will also add some explosive new features. Expect a number of Nexus objects scattered throughout the combat area. Approach them and you’ll gain a 19% buff - or debuff - to your weapons and mobility."

The event itself runs from May 20th through the 23rd. You can learn more on the EVE Online website. Recently, EVE Online's Fanfest announced new features and initiatives that are primed to take the MMO into its third decade. Check out our interview with EVE Online's Creative Director, and CCP Games' CEO here.


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