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EVE Online Is Bringing The Damage With Its Bastion Of War Update

Mauraders, Interdictors And Stais Webification Probes Affected

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Fresh off the heels of its recent Reign quadrant update, EVE Online is making some changes to damage to Mauraders in EVE Online with its Bastions of War update.

The new update will see Mauraders can be fitted with a Bastion module which will double their damage output, however it comes at the cost of some manueverability. This means that while they can eke out even more death from afar, they are also immobile for quite a bit longer, sacrificing that mobility for the raw power. The Vargur class hull will see its own 5% bonus to large projectivel fire rate changed to 7.5% bonus to large projectile damage.

Interdictors and Satis Webification Probes are also seeing some love this go around, with the Stasis probe seeing its strength and AOE range increased, while Interdictor ships are seeing a multitude of tweaks. 

The new patch is currently undergoing testing on EVE Online's test server, Singularity, if you want to jump in and try your hand with the new changes before they go live on the main server. In case you missed it, the latest quadrant update, Reign, has gone live, with improvements to the Fleet Discovery tool, as well as some cool new animations for traveling between systems to spice up your moment to moment gameplay.


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