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EVE Online Holding Mass Test Today to Test Uprising's Heraldry Emblems on Server Performance

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 With the Uprising expansion on the way, EVE Online will hold a special mass test event today to test new corporation and alliance emblems in the new Heraldry system on the way.

The test takes place on Singularity at 17:00 UTC/ 1PM Eastern, so if you’ve got some time to spare, you might want to log in today. According to CCP, this is a mass test to explore some of the features of the Heraldry system and the impact on the server of those new emblems and other performance. This should give the team an opportunity to test the overall server performance and stability with the other anticipated changes, like AMD FSR and ambient occlusion. 

In order to participate, players can grab some free emblems in the Paragon Loyalty Points Store in Jita to put on their ships. Then, after activating a skin, you will be ready to get yourself over to the FD-ML and take part. 

The Uprising expansion is looking to be both a narrative-driven update and the beginning of a new chapter with a number of new features. Testing on Singularity has begun, so if you’ve got access and want to peek at the future of EVE Online and what that looks like, this mass test event is one way, or the regular test is another.

In the current testing phase, you’ll be able to try the new Frontlines feature for factional warfare, which is intended to draw players in closer and present even more rewarding challenges. This system is layered and designed to offer different rewards based on difficulty and proximity.

 You can also test the new Advantage system, which works with Frontlines and offers ways for you to create advantages for your faction through involved work to gain ownership of strategic star systems.

For info on today’s special mass test, read the details over at EVE Online.


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