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Eve Online Gives Players One Last Warning

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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A blackout is coming to Eve Online and CCP games has given players one final warning before it hits on 12 July. Today, Eve admins dropped a final overview of a new change to null-sec space. This lawless section of CCP’s great online adventure is about to find all local chat flipped over to delayed mode. What this means for the space-based entrepreneur, because I’d never call anybody a thieving pirate, is a definite shift in nullsec's dynamic. Players who chose to run silently will no longer appear in the local population, only cropping up if they type into the chat.  Initially announced back on 5 July, this in-game change follows an increase in drifter attacks as they take down more than just structures. Now an announcement by the SCC that the Fluid Router network is under threat has led to a reduction in capability. The incoming blackout means chat will act in a manner similar to the way local chat works in wormhole space. It’s inevitable that things are about to feel a little icier out in nullsec. For players who are not aware, nullsec is every area of Eve Online that has a security rating of 0.0 or lower. These open spaces are the backdrop to some of Eve’s greatest battles and biggest risks. Ultimately they are the core of Eve endgame and this change is going to go on for an undetermined time. Are you ready to run silent when Blackout hits? Find out more about Blackout over on the Eve website now.


Suzie Ford

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