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EVE Online Gets its First Major Crossover Event With the BBC's Doctor Who

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Daleks in New Eden? It’s (sort of ) happening. EVE Online  is getting its first major cross IP collaboration with the BBC and Doctor Who. The EVE Online x Doctor Who  original crossover event will begin on January 13th to let all explore a new section of space, find clues in a mysterious area with wrecked ships, and even take on the formidable Daleks.. 

The collaboration will work by introducing a new area of space themed around Gallifrey. The Interstellar Convergence will let capsuleers search for artifacts related to The Last Great Time War, something Doctor Who fans know well as part of the classic series’ lore. In exploring the new section of space, you’ll notice and hear about the mysterious wormholes that are taking ships from New Eden and resulting in wrecked ships all around. If you collect enough artifacts, you’ll be able to track down and face the famous long-standing enemies, the Daleks. If you can defeat the Daleks in battle, and survive, you’ll be able to get your hands on some Doctor Who themed rewards.

The event will be running from January 13 through February 1, so you’ve got a couple of weeks to enjoy the Doctor Who collaboration. When the event begins, there will also be a login campaign where you can earn skill points and Doctor Who themed items while it lasts. 

As a classic series full of adventures, battles, and sometimes close scrapes in the depths of space and time, the EVE Online collaboration with Doctor Who might be surprising since it is the first major IP crossover, but it is fitting.

CCP has made EVE Online  available across new platforms in the past six months as well as revamped the entire new player experience. Opening the game up to a popular classic TV IP as part of a crossover event like this is another way to perhaps bring some new blood into New Eden. 

You can find out full details on the event announcement page over at EVE Online .


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