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EVE Online Gets a New Comics Limited Series, Capsuleer Chronicles, from Dark Horse

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Dark Horse Comics and CCP Games have teamed up for a new mini comics series based on EVE Online. The two companies originally partnered on an EVE Online collaboration back in 2014, and this new four-issue limited series, Capsuleer Chronicles, looks to tell some very human stories in the depths of New Eden.

When it comes to EVE Online, you might think of exploration, large scale, ongoing space battles, the difficulties and ins and outs of the player driven economy, and also dying and being reborn. Well Dark Horse is looking to bring these experiences into story form to use New Eden as a jumping off point to add some faces and stories that could even deepen the experience for fans.

The comic series is centered around a new threat emerging upon the star cluster, with an ancient civilization demanding that the empires of New Eden all simply do what many antagonists and conquerors do: submit or die.  Four capsuleers have their stories told and their decisions to battle to save each other and New Eden. It’s framed as a race against time, but the stories seem to work with relatable elements, since the threats and the empires, different factions and everything else about New Eden is ultimately human. Human with all our flaws, faults, and capacity to both unite and destroy.

The first issue, Capsuleer Chronicles #1: Velocity is out today and the next three will follow. Creators on the project include writers Sam Maggs and Melissa Grey, and artist Kieran McKeown. With the first issue beginning with a capsuleer reflecting upon her last death and respawn, recollection gets explosive very quickly. Players should recognize elements pretty quickly.

For more on the new series, including a preview of the first issue, head over to the Capsuleer Chronicles #1 page over at Dark Horse Comics.


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