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EVE Online Gets a Little Less 'Industrial' and Revamps Daily Rewards, Making Many More Skins Available

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The latest update for EVE Online Features a number of fixes, revamps the whole Daily Rewards system ,  and renames the Industrial group of ship classes.

There’s a brand-new module, Industrial Jump Portal Generator I, along with new blueprints for this module, at a cost of 500,000,000 ISK. Fit it to a Capital Industrial ship. But before you look for that, the Industrial group of ship classes has been renamed to Hauler.

This is because, as CCP says, “This change has been made to remove one use for the overloaded term "industrial" in EVE, and reduce confusion over the use and application of modules such as the Industrial Cynosural Beacon I and Industrial Jump Portal Generator I”. This effect skills for ships, as well as small changes to descriptions and a number of NPC ships as well all having been renamed.

The NPE got a few additions including missing linehints guidance when reboarding a Corvette, guidance issues no longer cropping up if you skip through tabs during the Wallet introduction, and a reminder to add the skill to your training queue if you remove it during the introduction.

A bunch of UI changes have also arrived to make your playtime a bit easier. Some of these affect the Fitting window and the Agency, while others make sure windows will close and statuses are clearer. 

The Daily Rewards system is also revamped, with a new UI and new rewards. Some of the rewards have been changes, such as SKINS being permanent now instead of limited unlocks. The reward options now include 260 new skins, including two new ones and 148 returning event skins. The system will also check which ones your characters have to avoid giving you duplicates. 

Changes to the rewards system include reduction in filament rewards, BPCs removed,  and new Halcyon boosters. These will boost a number of attributes for at least two hours before skills apply.

Read the full update over at EVE Online.


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