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EVE Online - Fallen Capsuleers Memorial Now in Game

Remember the Fallen.

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 For over a decade in EVE Online, the corpses of dead Capsuleers have had a place to go thanks to Azia Burgi and a small group of players that act as the grave keepers for the fallen. The memorial has been a longstanding attraction in EVE Online, and some players have even used the cemetery to memorialize people they have lost in the real world as well.

Even after Player Owned Starbases (POS) were purported to be phasing out, the memorial site was moved to keep the memories alive of those that were lost. Now CCP games has put in place a more permanent memorial so that players will no longer have to worry about what happens to the memorials they have put together for their real life and virtual deceased. You can see the memorial in action below, or check it out on the officla statement on the EVE Online website.

 The monument has gone live on Tranquility, made of basaltic columns to guard the lost Capsuleers, and every once in a while, players will see light ascend from the structure into the vastness of space. Players who want to venture out and either place a can themselves, or simply pay their respects to those that have been lost, the monument can be found in Molea. EVE Online recently released their Third Quadrant update, and with an ongoing player war, there is no better time like the present to visit those that have been lost.


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