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EVE Online Developers "Hands-Off" Policy Relaxed, Will Be Allowed To Play Game More Freely In December

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Good news for EVE Online devs, as they’ll soon be able to play the game (more) which they created.

One of the biggest draws of EVE Online is the player-run sandbox. Naturally, this has meant that the developers have had to adopt a nearly hands-off approach so as not to influence this sandbox in any way. However, this may be changing soon.

As of EVE London, CCP announced a change to their hands-off policy. Right now, if you’re a developer who is discovered in the game, your account is effectively surrendered,

“Employees should contact a Lead Game Master of IA immediately if their in-game identity is compromised or made public. The compromised character should not log into the game until the matter has been investigated and may be moved or removed, depending on the circumstances.”

The new policy brings about several changes in December. For one, devs will now be able to choose the level of privacy of their account. They can still be completely private, but in December, they’ll be able to publicly reveal their identities. However, restrictions still apply here.

Devs still can’t take up any leadership positions within an organization. They also won’t be able to be part of an alliance’s executive group. Additionally, they will be restricted from taking part in any market trading which is considered “large-scale” for insider-trading purposes. Finally, devs won’t be able to grief other players.

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