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EVE Online Details Empire Frontiers' Story So Far And Dives Into New Upwell Hangar Redesign

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EVE Online's Uprising expansion brought a lot of in-game emphasis on its Faction Warfare system. Called Empire Frontiers, the current narrative explaining why the various NPC Empires are at war set the foundation for the content in-game wars was recapped a bit on the official website, setting the stage for the future of the conflict.

It's a necessary recap too, as unless you are already knee-deep in EVE Online's in-universe theorycrafting and narrative intrigue, the reasons why the various NPC empires are at war might be lost on you. The new blogpost talks about the Turnur I event that saw a system devastated by the Amarr Empire's experiments with reverse-engineered Triglavian technology. This event was a big deal in the ramp up to Uprising, seeing players trapped in the system, ships badly damaged with many unable to escape roving PvPers (myself included), and the nearby planet of Turnur I all but marred for good.

On the Caldari/Gallente front, the two factions are duking it out as any good, the two are fighting over their regions of space with the Gallente Federation making a surprise attack on the Intaki system after their gains constructing a stargate that linked Samanuni to Athounon. 

So what does this all mean in-game? It means there have been some incredible fights that have seen capsuleers doing what each capsuleer does best: pressing F1, blasting other pilots out of space, and then sending handy little killmails as a souvenir for their troubles. 

Elsewhere in EVE Online, some structures have seen a complete redesign of the inside of their station hangars as part of CCP Games' EVE Evolved initiative. This initiative aims to modernize many aspects of the MMO, from its systems to the look of New Eden. Unveiled originally during EVE Fanfest, the update has brought stylized hangars in stations around New Eden, renovating the animations and interiors to make it feel more interactive and immersive.

The hangar environments aren't just what got an update, but the animations swapping ships now puts players in a quick transition that swoops the camera to their ship in the hangar, making it feel as though you're actually there. Repacking ships also comes with its own animation showing the ship dematerializing down out of existence. Depth of Field and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion are also applied, as well as volumetric particles to give the hangars a more modern, polished look.

You can check out the full blog posts on the EVE Online website.


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