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EVE Online Celebrates 18 Years With A Player Video Contest

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online is hitting a milestone - 18 years since it launched in 2003. To celebrate, CCP Games is hosting a player video contest to celebrate.

EVE Online has a complex history made up of the thousands upon thousands of players who have written it over the years. A true sandbox MMO, players have had major wars which shaped New Eden, the in-game universe, as well as established long standing alliances, trade routes, and more giving players any possible career path within the MMO. 

The milestone, 18 years, is nothing to slouch at, and CCP Games is celebrating by creating a video contest to create an official 18th birthday video.

We’re looking for short video clips which showcase these memories so we can include them in an official 18th birthday player celebration video. These clips can be from any era of EVE Online, from any faction or activity, as long as they’re important to you - we want to capture the full spectrum of experiences from 18 years of emergent history.

CCP is looking for important moments in capsuleer's lives such as a first PVP kill, launching their first constructed ship or more. Those who send in videos from now through April 30th will be entered into a contest to win prizes, such as a special ArcTic IMT EVE Online watch, 3000 PLEX and 6 months of Omega time for the grand prize winner, with the second and third place winners getting 2000 and 1000 PLEX respectively, as well as a EVE Collector's Edition USB Rifter.

You can learn how to enter your video on the EVE Online website here. Additionally, EVE Online was nominated for a Webby due to its Project Discovery feature, which has helped catalog and push along COVID-19 research.


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