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EVE Online Brokerage Changes Coming in March 10 Update

Fees, formulas, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a new dev blog, CCP has outlined broker relations for EVE Online.

The team begins by citing the principles they keep in mind for the market in the game, mainly to, “keep intact how closely it mirrors aspects of real-world economics and financial markets.”

The Broker Relations update itself will launch on March 10 and this will include changes to the mechanics for creating and updating orders in the market. In essence, CCP will introduce tick size, or a limit on price precision when creating or updating an order.

For Upwell structures, they’re increasing the minimum broker fee configurable by a structure owner from 0% to 1%. This is meant to add an ISK-sink. Finally, they’re increasing ISK fees charged when you modify an order.

Part of this fee is a Relist charge, in addition to the normal Broker Charge which is meant to bridge the increase between the old value an the new value. To that end, the team shared several formulas:

  • BR is the character's effective Broker Fee rate at the station/structure (factoring in skills/standing/settings as appropriate)
  • RD is the character's Relist Discount rate (factoring in Advanced Broker Relations skill)

Fee to create a new order at price P (this is unchanged):Fee = BR * price

Fee to modify an existing order, changing price from P1 to P2:Fee = max(0, BR (P2 - P1)) + (1 - RD) BR * P2

Note: Both types of fee will have a minimum charge of 100 ISK


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