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EVE Online Brings Community Ship Fittings To The Client, Details EVE Vegas Activities

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like EVE Online is finally bringing Community Ship Fittings to the client, according to a news post. Additionally, EVE Vegas details have been revealed for those interested in attending featuring axe throwing and a pub crawl.

“A while back we introduced the concept of Community Fittings where we invited players to submit ship fits that would be helpful to new players who were still finding their feet in New Eden.

We’ve been collecting your submissions on the forum and we’re pleased to announce that as of our August release, those community fittings are now available within the EVE Online client!”

To access community fittings, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the Fitting button on the NEOCOM

  2. Click on the Browser button in the fitting window

  3. Click on the Community Fittings filter

  4. Browse through the current community fittings!

The full post also contains a short FAQ to help you out as well.

Additionally, EVE Vegas activities have been outlined and feature some pretty fun events. Thursday will feature axe throwing,

“Join us on Thursday October 24 for an epic Axe Throwing Adventure! We've rented out an entire arena and plan to throw sharp objects at things, what could possibly go wrong?! We will head out to Axe Monkeys, Las Vegas’ first and only - as well as North America’s finest - axe throwing facility!

We will have the whole space rented for the event, including 18 lanes to throw axes and 3 lanes for throwing knives and stars.

Included in the ticket price:

  • Buses from Flamingo to Axe Monkeys and back to Flamingo after the event

  • 2 hours of axe, knife and star throwing.”

If booze is more your thing, Friday has you covered with a pub crawl,

“For this year's EVE Vegas Pub Crawl, we’ll head back to old downtown Las Vegas. We will hit some bars on E Fremont St and participants can easily walk between them. Buses will transport participants to and from Flamingo, with each attendee getting specially-designed poker chips to use as payment at the venues.

Each Pub Crawl group will be hosted by a designated EVE Online developer, with sign-up for each group opening at the EVE Vegas registration desk on Friday at 2pm. You will of course get a chance to socialize with more developers and EVE players during the first hours and end of the Pub Crawl.

The EVE Vegas 2019 Pub Crawl ticket includes:

  • Bus transportation to and from Flamingo

  • Six customized drink chips to enjoy during the Pub Crawl, you'll even get to keep some after the event.”

Check out the full post for a list on all the devs who will be attending and for full detail on both of these activities.


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