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EVE Online Breaks Down Scanning, Starting Out in EVE In New YouTube Videos

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online has been releasing quite a few videos aimed at newer players eager to hop into New Eden. Recently, two new videos have hit their channel, helping new players who might not know what to do when they first show up in New Eden, as well as breaking down one of the MMO's most important tasks: scanning.

In the first video, the EVE team at CCP breaks down the early moments in New Eden for new players, explaining character creation, the tutorial, and more. EVE Online can be a daunting game to get into, as the amount of information on screen, as well as the general lack of hand-holding out of the tutorial can come as a huge shock for some players. The video seems to  aim at helping players understand, albeit briefly, some of the most basic systems of EVE out of the gates.

One of those systems is scanning, which CCP have released a whole video on for those interested in the career path. Scanning is something every EVE pilot should know how to do, as it can provide vital information about the system you're in, whether you're looking to explore or just want to know what's out there. The new video details for EVE players how to use the Directional Scanner, as well as how to read the information that pops up when you do.

These videos obviously aren't targeted at EVE vets, rather new players who have ventured into New Eden and really don't know how to get their bearings. With EVE struggling to retain new players after a few days, it's no shock the team at CCP is eager to get more information into the hands of their players in order to help spur along the next great EVE player story. And with EVE Vegas coming up this week, no doubt discussions about the new player experience will come up, among other announcements as CCP continues its World Invasion Tour. 


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