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EVE Online Billboard Video Warns of Severe Stargate Disruption

Who all is at risk?

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new billboard video warns of severe startgate disruptions in EVE Online, so you might want to take stock.

The billboard video was posted to Reddit earlier and warns of this disruption. And of course, people are speculating in the comments as to what this means. One poster points to a Discord Fireside from CCP Coyote (the unofficial transcript of which can be read here) which hints that it could be related to Serenity’s results,

“So, despite being separate servers, both servers share the same database. It’s silly, so don’t even get me started on the problems there, but basically we need the final set of systems to be the same in the DB, due to the nature of some of the permanent changes. This is actually why there are two separate buckets - we can’t have one server winning Niarja and another losing it, because then we have to make the terrible decision of which server’s actions to override. However, we did look at what’s in what bucket and ensure systems that were very high profile on one server but not the other (like Niarja) are decided by the server that would care about it more.”

What are your thoughts? Could all invaded systems be at risk here?


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