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EVE Online Announces New Omega Term Choices and New Discount Options

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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EVE Online now has several new options in the store, including several new long-term Omega subscription options at discounted prices. 

The one month and 12 month packages were already available, but now you have the option of 3 months, 6 months, and 24 months. These new options lead the team at CCP to adjust the PLEX pricing of Omega. 

The one-month option is still at full price ($19.99 USD), 3 months will be 20% off, six months means 30% off, and 12 months gives you 40% off. Subscribing for 2 years or the 24-month option, will give you 45% off the monthly cost of a subscription. This would bring it down to about $10.99 a month.

CCP announced earlier this year that subscription prices would be going up, so these options give players a few more chances to commit longer-term and make the cost a little more wallet-friendly. Naturally, the initial price increase was received with a ton of typically opinionated  feedback for the EVE Online community. Now there are a greater number of options, and CCP can also count on additional longer-term funding if people start locking in the extended subscription options.

The new options, ahead of next month's release of the Uprising expansion. Uprising will feature several major changes to Factional Warfare, and introduce some elements to make participation feel more meaningful. 

EVE Online has also seen some changes like an overhauled new player experience and some additional helpful additions as part of CCP’s efforts to bring new players on board. Accompanying this is also the recently-announced Spanish version of the game other expanded support for languages and systems, and things like the first-ever crossover event with the BBC’s Doctor Who.

With the new options for Omega subscriptions offering some major discounts in exchange for solid reliable extended funding, there’s value in looking to the faithful veterans that are likely to consider locking in now, as well as offering some additional options to keep working to draw new folks in.

See the Omega package announcement at EVE Online.


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