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EVE Online Announces Four New Ships, Expanded Fittings And More Ahead Of Uprising Expansion

EVE Vegas in full swing

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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During the player-organized EVE Vegas event this weekend, CCP Games announced to capsuleers in attendance some more goodies coming to EVE Online this year, namely four new ships, expanded fittings including Alliance fittings, and an increase in county payouts to name a few.

EVE Vegas isn't part of the normal CCP Games calendar this year, the last CCP-led event being in 2019, but that doesn't mean the developer wasn't going to bring something and do a "community engagement"  in the ramp-up to its next big expansion, Uprising. As such, during a player dinner and get together Thursday night, CCP Games revealed some more changes and additions coming in the next few months with Uprising and beyond.

While CCP Games has already added in new ships with the latest content drop, Empire Frontiers, it unveiled four more coming in the future: The Commorant Navy Issue, Coercer Navy Issue, the Catalyst Navy Issue, and the Thrasher Navy Issue.

A lot of Navy Issues.

The four ships are coming with unique bonuses, such as the Thrasher's 5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret Damage or the added 10% bonus to the Coercer Navy Issue's Armor Hardpoints. Each ship hopes to become a mainstay in player fleets, especially as Uprising continues the fight on the frontlines of Factional Warfare.

Also announced during EVE Vegas is the Dynamic Bounty System will be seeing an update on October 25th. The minimum risk modifiers will pay out 110% of the bounties. After a short time, that will come down, but the DBS payouts are being increased permanently from 50% to 100% moving forward. 

EVE Online also teased something big coming with a short video clip, leaving players to speculate what it could be indeed. The developer also teased this on Twitter afterwards, with a few screenshots showing hazy bits of the video for players to decipher. 

EVE Uprising is coming later this year and aims to improve one of the MMO's lagging features: factional warfare. EVE Online players were given small treat to tease the story going on behind the scenes in New Eden with a recent Scope video that shows the Amarr Empire deploying repurposed Triglavian technology against the Minmatar, while the Caldari and Gallente are seeing tensions rise across their borders.


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