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EVE Online Adds New Way For New Players To Find Their Calling In New Eden

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online is continuing to find ways to help new players in the space MMO, this time through a new UI feature that aims at giving new players a nudge towards a career path in-game.

The new feature will be located in the in-game UI itself for new players, in the top left near the current solar system name is listed. The feature, which currently will only appear for new players, when clicked will expand to show what CCP Games is calling the Opportunites list. This will then give players some direction as to how to start on their path in EVE Online itself.

"It can be challenging for a freshly minted capsuleer to know exactly which way to turn. The sheer open-endedness of EVE Online means that the paths available to you are essentially limitless – this world is what you make it. To help you get started, the first test phase of Opportunities is going live as part of our ongoing efforts to embrace new capsuleers into the fold: a feature intended to suggest activities to pursue and give ideas on what you need to strive towards your chosen path."

In an email, CCP tells us that these can be refreshed with three new Opportunities listed if the new capsuleer doesn't want to try the current ones listed. However, the new UI feature is aimed at giving that extra nudge once the new player is out of the tutorial. 

EVE Online can be notoriously difficult to get into without a direction, though that ability to just choose anything and do it makes EVE rather unique among sandbox MMOs. With EVE Academy spinning up aiming at providing more information for new players outside of the EVE game client, the new Opportunities list feels like just another part of this overall endeavor to stem the tide of new players leaving New Eden and instead sticking around for the long haul. 


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