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EVE Online Adds Content to the NPE to Teach Mining Skills, and Let Players Earn some money

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 After overhauling the New Player Experience last fall, CCP is adding more to the mix in EVE Online with some additional content. The new adventure portion is coming soon and will let players learn some valuable lessons and earn some ISK for their efforts. 

This new addition to the NPE is coming on March 8th. When new players start EVE Online, they will get a story-driven adventure with a mystery to solve. That mystery is who disrupted your Capsuleer training, and you’ll wind up at a mining site, where you will be able to learn the basics on how to mine in EVE. You'll also get an NPC companion for the mining part of the adventure, elements of the greater mystery will begin, leading you to have some investigation to do.  Importantly, you’ll also learn the ways you can make money. Adding this additional content to the NPE after making changes to mining makes sense. 

The new update will also add some extra polish to the new NPE overall. Some of what you can expect includes shorter engagement points to replace the longer station stops that were not friendly to new players. 

Because EVE Online  has a player-driven economy, the new additions also seek to train new players in the economic systems of the game. This starts with some mining training, where players can gather resources and loot items. After coming back with their spoils, then it's time to learn how to trade on the market and how the wallet works. 

As you begin to master some mining skills, you'll also get an introduction to the resource tab in the agency or you can also learn about other opportunities to make your way through new Eden. CCP aims for the average player to have about an hour of new content in the mining adventure.

This is not the end of improvements to the NPE, with CCP announcing  in their update that they have begun pre-production on adding elements of space exploration in the future.

For more, see the announcement over at EVE Online.


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