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EVE Echoes Turns One, Anniversary Live Stream Set for July 31 with Giveaways, New Content Reveal

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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EVE Online’s mobile counterpart, EVE Echoes, is turning one year old! To celebrate the occasion, NetEase and CCP are announcing a live stream for July 31 for the anniversary, including giveaways and more.

If you’re a bit unfamiliar with EVE Echoes, it’s a mobile MMO based on the foundations and design principles of EVE Online. In Echoes, you’re able to create your own character and forge your own patch in the trademark sandbox environment.

If you missed it, you can catch up on our review here. We loved the look of the game, in addition to how it felt like a genuine EVE Online experience. Regarding the anniversary live stream, that’s scheduled to take place on July 31 at 6PM PDT/9pm ET viewable here on the official Eve Echoes YouTube channel.

Tuning into the show will give you a chance to win  Skill Points and Ship Skins, as well as physical gifts, including AirPods Pro and an iPad Pro. In addition to these rewards, the development team is set to discuss various new content.

This includes things like faction wargames, new Delta sites and Relic sites, the introduction of Dreadnoughts, Project Discovery, gaming optimization, and a brand new tutorial which is intended to make the onboarding process easier for new EVE Echoes players.

Earlier this year, EVE Echoes saw its first big content update in Indomitable. But all was not smooth sailing for the mobile sandbox space MMO. Shortly after its release, EVE Echoes suffered from bots. One alliance looked to do something about that pesky problem.


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