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EVE Echoes Player War Ends As EVE Online Sees Its Nullsec War Approach A Year Old

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EVE Echoes, the bite-sized version of EVE Online in the palm of your hand, has just seen a major war end after raging for six month. Meanwhile the massive player war in the main game is approaching a year old at this point.

First Echoes. The major war which saw 13 different alliances against the Genesis Federation has reached its conclusion, according to EVE news site Imperium News Network. The war, which raged on for six months, saw the largest alliance in EVE Echoes, Genesis Federation, engaged against 13 different alliances in a bid for territory in the mobile version of New Eden. 

When EVE Echoes was pitched to players, the developers at CCP and NetEase, who worked with the Icelandic developer on the mobile version of their Sci-Fi MMO, the teams promised that it would feel just like EVE Online, just on the go. So far they really haven't been wrong. This war felt like the player wars we've read about for almost two decades now. INN reports that there were plenty of "dramatic moments," such as seeing Genesis Federation's home citadel destroyed by what was then called the Southern Coalition, which amassed over 1400 players in the system WX-6UX. However, as INN's SatelliteMind writes, this wasn't the end for Genesis Federation.

"This put out the last light of Genesis Federation on the map, but ignited a wholesale onslaught of the attacking alliances homes’ systems. In an attempt to demoralize and break the Genesis Federation, the then mighty Golden Horde Alliance placed their own sovereignty citadel in the WX system and named it “No Place Like Home.” In a surprise twist, over a month later, Genesis Federation executor, Mommasaurus Rex, recruited the corporation (OZ), that owned the citadel, out from under the Golden Horde Alliance and it became the first new light of the Federation’s resolve, and the death knell of the Horde. This plot twist was considered one of the most “EVE” things to happen in Echoe’s history to date."

To date, this was the largest war in EVE Echoes history.

Meanwhile the player war in the main EVE Online is almost a year old now, with the battles raging still across Nullsec, though things felt a little slow lately. Also from INN, the different theaters of EVE Online were quiet, with border skirmishes and the battle losses on both sides seemingly small compared to some of the fights that have come to define this war. It'll be interesting to see if any major engagements or battles mark the year anniversary of what has become called World War Bee 2, however it'll take quite a bit to top some of the battles already fought in this war, including the hellcamp in M2-XFE earlier this year.


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