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EVE Echoes Mega Coalition is Aimed at Fighting Bots

What can men do against such reckless hate?

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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EVE Echoes, the mobile version game in the EVE Online universe, has been suffering from bots. One alliance is looking to do something about it.

One alliance called Genesis Federation has basically created a mega coalition of sorts along with alliances Golden Horde and Silent Alliance. The goal of this mega coalition is to basically fight back against the bots in nullsec.

As INN notes, a lack of API makes it pretty difficult to ascertain those involved in this mega coalition. However, it’s been estimated that this mega coalition includes about 16,000 players as described by the leader of Genesis Federation, Mommasaurus Rex.

The coalition was announced thusly,

“Hello all! As you know by now, we found ourselves at war with neighbors who started shooting blues simply for passing into their space and then quickly discovered the largest botting enterprise (that we know of) in the game living next door. We have levied terrible damage tolls on them in the last few days and they have already fled to Detorid and Omist for the most part.”

If you want to see some examples of such botting, check out the video below. There are also a few examples on Reddit here and here.


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