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EVE Echoes Marks Second Anniversary With New Expansion Content, New Team Up, and Cybernetic Implants

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 EVE Echoes, the mobile spinoff of EVE Online that lets you explore the galaxy in a mobile sandbox based on EVE, is marking its second anniversary with events and the game’s largest expansion content ever.

Released in August 2020, EVE Echoes has around 5 million players globally on mobile platforms. The new update, The Sleeper, features a new build up system, implants, new gameplay, which lets players team up to take on a new challenge, new enemies, and a new event. There’s even a new theme song, “Beyond the Sky”.

The new enemies are old ones, the Sleepers, were thought to be extinct but they were really just laying low in a long sleep, plotting their future awakening. That time is now, still loaded with mystery, and whatever they’re up to, they’re in New Eden now.

Those looking for a challenge can take on the new Dormant Realm team up. In this new mode, you can decide which side you support, join that fleet, and work together to defeat bosses in this new PvE mode. Taking it on at higher difficulty will also naturally offer better rewards, And is one of the best ways for getting the new build up system, implants.

Implants are the way that the Sleepers keep their memories intact, including behaviors and ways to fight. Now that they are in New Eden, you'll have the opportunity to get some implants and use them.  By doing so, you'll be able to learn up to 12 different abilities and change your path of progress.

Also in the update is a new event called The Voyage Ceremony, which begins on August 19th. The ceremony is for New Eden to celebrate and commemorate human voyages. You'll be able to parade through the venue showing off your corporations oh, and this anniversary event will be livestreamed on YouTube for the community. This stream and event will close the second anniversary celebrations.

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