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EVE: Echoes is an 'Authentic EVE Online Experience for Mobile Devices'

Suzie Ford Posted: Oct 19, 2018 6:00 PM
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During today's EVE Vegas convention, CCP Games revealed that EVE: Echoes is its first EVE Online-based mobile game. Previously known as EVE Project: Galaxy, the mobile game is being developed by NetEase and is brand new in that it is 'set in an alternate universe of New Eden'. It is not related to EVE: War of Ascension with each first launching in different markets at different times. The goal is to launch EVE: Echoes in 2019 for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Authentic to the EVE universe that players know and love, EVE: Echoes will let players venture deep into space, to write not only their own history, but that of the galaxy itself. Whether engaging in interstellar combat, trade, or exploration, as well as many other activities across thousands of planetary systems, players will be free to experience hallmark EVE gameplay on their preferred mobile device.

In addition to retaining EVE’s signature gameplay mechanics, EVE: Echoes will also utilize its social system as part of its overall experience. Players can join and lead corporations, align with others to form even-stronger coalitions, whilst capturing opposing rivals’ territories through enormous fleet battles. A deep and realistic social system is also being developed which will provide players with an interconnected futuristic interstellar lifestyle.

You can learn more about today's EVE Vegas announcements by visiting the CCP Games site.


Suzie Ford

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