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EVE Echoes Crosses 2 Million Players, Japanese Localization Arriving to EVE Online

"One million troops"

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been playing EVE Echoes, it looks like you’re one in a million. Literally.

Well, you’re actually one in two million as shared on Twitter,

“Capsuleers: We're happy to announce that we're now at over 2 million new players for EVE Echoes! Thanks to all of you for your continued support!”

If you’re unfamiliar with EVE Echoes, it’s basically the mobile version of EVE Online. It boasts a similar large sandbox, interstellar combat, exploration, piracy, resource harvesting, industrial manufacture, trade, and much more. Be sure to read our review here.

Additionally, it was revealed that Japanese localization is currently in the works for EVE Online,

“We want to acknowledge and thank our Japanese Capsuleer community for being a committed and integral part of EVE's global playerbase

@CCPGames will soon be providing complete localization and support for the Japanese EVE Online community”


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