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EVE Echoes Announced, Arrives On iOS/Android In 2019

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a press release today, CCP Games and NetEase Games announced their sandbox MMORPG for iOS and Android, EVE: Echoes, will launch in 2019.

Said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO, CCP Games,

“Working with NetEase, one of the world’s leaders in mobile gaming on our most treasured IP, EVE Online, was something I have been very excited about ever since our discussions started. I believe mobile is the obvious next step to bring a refined version of our legendary PC experience to an even bigger audience.”

Running on NetEase Games’ engine, NeoX, EVE: Echoes looks to combine with CCP’s game design.

Said Frank Xiang, General Manager of Marketing, NetEase,

“We’re huge fans of EVE Online and when the opportunity arose to challenge ourselves and create something as ambitious as EVE Online but for mobile devices, we were thrilled. EVE: Echoes is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on mobile devices today and with our expertise in mobile game development, we’re confident that fans of the franchise and mobile games in general will be very happy with the final result.”

EVE: Echoes will leverage existing EVE Online mechanics, while also utilize its social system as part of its overall experience. You’ll be able to join and lead corporations, and align with others to form even-stronger coalitions. You’ll also be able to capture opposing rivals’ territories through enormous fleet battles.

You can learn more about the EVE universe here.


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