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EVE Aether Wars: Phase 2 Statistics Revealed, Thousands Of Ships Met Their End In Test

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online developer CCP Games has partnered with Hadean to bring capsuleers a glimpse into EVE battles using the powerful Aether Engine. What this means for EVE long-term is to be determined, but the recent Phase 2 test gave the team some interesting numbers to work with.

EVE Online's great battles are interesting to read about, but the actual battle itself can sometimes be a slog due to the scale of the battle and the age of EVE's engine. The Aether Engine puts thousands opf players together for a massive fight in space, helping Hadean and CCP to understand their tech.

In Phase 2, saw a peak concurrent pilot count of 3047 players, with a total of 4369 players who joined during the test. EVE Aether Wars players saw 4361 players killed, with 3543 unique killers. During the fight over 1.2 Million missiles were fired, and surprisingly 8 of those players were able to avoid destruction overall.

You can read the full blog post on the EVE Online website, as well as to find out if you're the lucky player who one won of the two prizes CCP was offering during the event.  


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