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European Services Ended

Dana Massey Posted:
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Gravity has officially confirmed that GamesRouter has ceased operation of ROSE in Europe. The company's demise came only days before Gravity intended to revoke the license from GamesRouter, according to sources at Gravity.

QualityGo.com, which all GamesRouter websites now redirect to, has an updated notice that tells fans they have, "allowed Wemade and Gravity to have the freedom to find new partners to service Mir 3 and R.O.S.E in Europe." They also ask for users to grant permission to share their data so that their characters will not be lost in either game whenever service resume.

This news officially confirms that players of ROSE and Legend of Mir 3 in Europe through GamesRouter have lost their service. There is not - as of yet - any word on refunds of pre-paid time. We have also yet to confirm what will happen to those who won 90 day accounts in our recent contest.

This news does not impact the operation of ROSE in other areas, including North America.

Gravity has no official comment on the matter at this time. MMORPG.com will keep you posted as this story develops.

(EDIT: 02/06/06, 1:01PM - This story has been edited from its original form. Due to miscommunication between MMORPG.com and Gravity, the original content of this story does not necessarily reflect the stance of Gravity or MMORPG.com on this issue.)


Dana Massey