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Europe West Server Region Opens For Lost Ark, Amazon Details Bonuses to Help You Get Started

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After last night's downtime set up the infrastructure, the Europe West server region is now open for Lost Ark. The new region opened today at 9 a.m. Pacific Time/6 p.m. CET.  While this should help reduce the queues, the team does not believe that it will eliminate the queues on EU Central, but it should make things smoother and give more people a chance to play.

The new region launches with eight servers, and there are a few things that will help players to start over if they decide to change to a different server. Lost Ark does not have server transfer options, so the only choice would be to restart on a different server. If you move to a new region you will still be able to use all of the Royal Crystals and Crystalline Aura you have but nothing that you have claimed or redeemed will go with you. This is why  Amazon has offered a one-time duplicate grant of Founder's Pack bonuses if you start on a new server. These duplicate packages will start appearing in player inventories this Saturday and continuing throughout the day. 

Players who have been logging in and getting daily attendance rewards won’t miss out either, with 10 days of rewards to be granted automatically to all characters launched on the Europe West server region with the next maintenance. Another thing to sweeten the deal is that Europe West players will get additional daily attendance rewards for the first 10 days of the server launch, adding up to double rewards.

A special launch celebration gift pack was announced on Sunday that will be granted to all players globally who log in and enter Arkesia between February 20th at 8:59 AM CET/ 11:59 AM PT March 2nd at 8:59 AM CET/ 11:59 PM PT on March 1st. 

Now that the  Europe West server region is open, it remains to be seen just how population and queues are impacted, but with various ways of making sure players don't miss out on rewards or bonuses that they have purchased, it seems that Amazon and Smilegate RPG have been working out solutions to try and handle things in a measured approach.

For the full Europe West details and server list, see the announcement over at Lost Ark 


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