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Ether Saga Online Review

Jon Wood Posted:
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MMORPG.com's Jamie Skelton writes this review of the free to play MMO from perfect World Entertainment.


There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical that Ether Saga Online is a decent MMO, even for one that's free to play. Its title bar is still in Chinese, so you know localization hasn't been a priority in bringing the game to a western market. Your first fifteen levels are practically handed to you. Combat can be simplified to a single button press, and the game can automatically walk you to any quest objective you have. If you're not alarmed by this, the only sane assumption is that you're already playing Ether Saga and finding that it does, indeed, have its own brand of fun.

Story and Immersion

Ether Saga Online's story is based off the Chinese classic, Journey to the West (also known as The Monkey King.) Players are determined to be part of the sacred team that will journey westward to retrieve the sacred texts that were lost due to the Monkey King's antics. For those who love this tale, the game's telling of it is a real treat. A light-hearted take on the classic, most of the quests are only loosely related to the story, and are instead whimsical or silly side tales in the world itself.

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Jon Wood