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Eternity's End is Coming to World of Warcraft on February 22nd

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We now know just when will all be able to step into Zereth Mortis in World of Warcraft. Update 9.2, Eternity’s End is coming on February 22nd.

The next content update will take you back into the Maw in Shadowlands to face Jovaal, the Jailer. His plans include reshaping reality and changing everything according to his will and desires. Nothing you can’t handle. Or at least you’ll be able to try. Eternity’s End will introduce new allies, the Enlightened, bring you back into history and lore, and give you the chance to face the Jailer’s forces and stop his plans.

In order for the launch, that means Shadowlands season 2 will be ending at 10 PM PST on February 21. All PVP seasonal rewards or titles and rankings will be finalized when the season ends. This also means the end of season two Mythic+ as the Mythic+ season ends on February 22 with the start of maintenance. Don’t worry though, unless you want the Tormented Hero achievement (which will be awarded weeks after the update), because you’ll still be able to earn rewards in the off-season.

The  off-season runs for one week and then season three will begin the week of March 1st. During this off-season the Mythic+ dungeons will still be playable using all the season two rewards and affixes. PVP during the off-season will still be accessible but the leaderboards will be locked and no one will be able to increase their rankings.

All of this wrapping up portends the arrival of a brand new large content update. It comes with a new raid, Sepulcher of the First Ones, where you will also uncover the beginnings of the mystery of the Jailer’s plans. There will also be new mounts, pets, Solo Shuffle mode, a new mini game, and updates to professions and conduits. There’s also a major update to class sets, which is currently being tested now.

For more on the announcement of the Shadowlands Eternity’s End update launch, see the announcement here.


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