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Eternal Winter Comes to Black Desert Online With the New Expansion on April 6th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Eternal Winter expansion for Black Desert Online will be out on April 6th.  Pearl Abyss announced the release date today in the first big content news drop, with some more details on the release, including new areas, and new dangers. All this comes with a brand new trailer.

There’s a new region, the Mountain of Eternal Winter, and as you can guess, it's a pretty cold and treacherous location. There is continued snowfall and when going up the mountains, the storms get stronger. A new debuff that can slowly drain you also enters the picture. You have to look out for Frostbite. If you don’t get yourself warmed up in time, the effect will be bad.

There are stories and legends and a slew of new monster zones you’ll be making your way through and learning about. One of them is Murrowak's Labyrinth, which used to be an iron mine but now is a little more dangerous in a different way, filled with Murrowaks led by Queen Vercedes. The all-new Jade Starlight Forest is full of a people known as the Okjinsini, but something is wrong and their behavior is unusual lately, so this is something you'll also likely get to investigate. 

In the new region, you’ll also find new peoples, some mysteries, and even tree fossils. These Winter Tree Fossils are another example of nothing in the snowy lands being just as they appear, since they may house dark spirits that emerge if disturbed. The Mountain of Eternal Winter also brings some foreboding figures like Erebjork, the Dreadwinter Guardian. Blizzards may mean she’ll be approaching, but you probably wouldn’t want that.

With the release date now set for April 6th, Pearl Abyss will keep revealing new content and new elements through the month. The Eternal Winter minisite has a countdown to the next big content reveal on March 16th. Game Pass holders will be able to play for free on April 6th, with a special Eternal Winter preorder pack on sale with a Game Pass and lots of bonus goodies.

See the special minisite for more on the Eternal Winter expansion.


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