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Eternal Tombs Will Begin Closed Testing in April

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Eternal Tombs, the upcoming MMORPG that is set to be microtransaction-free and feature live game masters who’ll shape the player experience, is headed into closed testing on April 2nd

There’s a trailer along with the closed pre-alpha announcement, and it offers yet another tease and peek at the world and some of the mobs we might encounter within. We get to peek at the combat from what look like some of the regular run of the mill mobs, as well as a couple of looks at world bosses. 

"Testing begins in The Woodland Commons April 2nd”, showing the date and some more quick shots of environments and gameplay. 

This is the first phase of the closed beta testing process, and if you are interested in Triune Studios' game and the world of Mithir, you can sign up on the game’s official site. Eternal Tombs is set to be an MMORPG that includes those live GMs to create a dynamic experience. Everything in the game, including all gear, cosmetics, and practical items will be  solely earnable through gameplay. Participating in the beta will be a free test.

Creative Director Josh Caba made the announcement  after previously saying that there would be more public tests planned for this year, as the team continues development. They have been dripping out a few peeks at some of the world, including last month’s update that featured some of the world, mobs, and a look at magic.

The team aims to have Eternal Tombs ready for launch sometime in 2025, so heading into a new testing phase is a big step. 


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