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Eternal Tombs Teases New Content Coming in Second Playtest

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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While there isn’t a date yet for the next Eternal Tombs playtest, Triune Studios is teasing what they’ve been working on to make the next test possible. A date should be announced before too long, according to a new update on the game. 

Coming from the studio’s creative director, Josh Caba, via the game's official Discord, updated that the team has been working to make the next test possible. 

“I know we continue to mention it, but we’re working hard on updates since the last test. We want Eternal Tombs to be the best game possible and there were a ton of needs in both technology and gameplay that needed some improvement,” he says.

In a previous update following the first playtest, the team had a lot of data to work with from the test, and in large part because of how many things went wrong. Framing this positively, they did promise to use all of those experiences to continue to work on the game before a new test could be scheduled. Getting people to break stuff in your first public playtest is a good thing after all.

Along with the update, there is a new teaser showing off some of what they’re preparing for the next test build. In the new video, an air of mystery remains, and the clips include new environments, including what looks like the inside of a pyramid, along with statues, an entryway with banners that we draw into from a field with some grazing animals, a dark underground cavern location, and what looks like a security field. The latter features NPCs surrounded by upright wooden spikes, with wires and branches, and a platform behind all of this, with armed NPCs and cannons at the ready. 

The video itself is quite brief but it is a teaser after all. “With the next test, our plan is to have all of these updates as well as multiple new zones,” the update reads.


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