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Eternal Strife Expansion Released

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Webzen has announced that it has released the second Archlord 2 expansion. Called "Eternal Strife", the expansion sees two new races joining the fight, each with its own starter zone, unique abilities, weapons and more. In addition, players will have the opportunity to take on monsters for a chance at candy canes that allow the purchase of a special Christmas-themed costume.

Making up for their lack of stamina with clever engineering, Dragonscion are equipped with a long-range magical Pistol, making them a serious threat on any battlefield. Moonelves are not to be taken lightly either, as they are fond of their signature weapon, the Orb, which delivers devastating blows to their enemies. Following the introduction of these newcomers, players can explore the two new starting zones, revealing a side of Chantra drastically different from any of the previous territories. Dragonscion will start their adventure on the Island of Rest, populated with majestic towers and luxuriant forests, whereas the enchanting and mysterious Moonlight Tareh Forest will be the setting for the Moonelves’ first steps in Chantra.

Find out more on the ArchLord 2 site.


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