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Eternal Magic Now On Steam

Wishlist presents rolling out

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Eternal Magic is now available on Steam. Here are the announcement details.

While starting out on Steam, you’ll be able to join players on the Andromeda (EU) and Sagittarius (NA) servers. If you had previously added Eternal Magic to your wishlist on Steam, you should be receiving your presents shortly. To claim your gift, you just need to log into any server with an old or new character, check your mail, and grab the items attached within your in-game mail.

You’ll be able to claim your presents until 10:59 PM, April 24 for EU (GMT+1) and until 3:59 PM for NA (GMT-5). A list of presents include:

  • Astral Drakonid mount (30 days);
  • Beam wings (30 days)
  • Sapphire
  • Pendant
  • Pendant stats reset crystal
  • Random excellent pet skill book
  • Resurrection Stone x7
  • 10 000 gold
  • Charge crystal
  • 4 spirit stone x5
  • Lucky coin x5

Eternal Magic may sound familiar to some of you due it being accused last year of ripping off Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, and SMITE. There were several posts on Reddit showing screenshots of Eternal Magic and Guild Wars 2 and comparing the PvP modes in both. Similarities in skill icons were also shown.

A Russian video also showed off some similarities between Eternal Magic and WoW Battlegrounds.


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