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Eternal Magic Developer Denies Claims It Plagiarized WoW, GW2 Among Others

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Yesterday we reported claims that the new MMORPG Eternal Magic allegedly plagiarized portions of popular games such as Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and SMITE. Today, 101xp has responded to those claims.

In a comment sent to MMORPG, the 101xp has responded to the claims Eternal Magic has copied other games, alleged in both a video on Youtube as well as various Reddit posts pointing out similarities.

The topic of plagiarism is always hot for everyone: both for the bloggers and for their audience. The developers of Eternal Magic didn't steal anything from other developers. You can find many similar elements in well-known and beloved games. We will do our best providing our players the best game experience and we wish the blogger accusing Eternal Magic on plagiarism having as many subscribers as he wishes.

As detailed in our original report, a post on Reddit showcased some striking similarities between Eternal Magic as well as a Russian YouTuber traveling through portions of the game, detailing similarities between Eternal Magic and World of Warcraft's Battlegrounds. You can view the video on YouTube. While this doesn't exactly put the matter to bed, it'll be interesting to see if any of the games alleged to have been ripped off will take matters into their own hands.


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