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Eternal Championship Delayed, QoL Improvements in April

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest Star Wars: The Old Republic live stream took place last week with a pair of interesting news items of interest to players.

The team revealed that the much-anticipated Eternal Championship feature would be delayed and, as of the recording, is still not firmly dated. Devs believe that it will land on the PTS at the end of March along with a blog post to provide more details.

The April update should see a number of requested Quality of Life improvements in SWTOR including stronghold limit and decoration limit alterations, updated server select UI, guild improvements, updated naming conventions that will allow for spaces, social window improvements and more.

The team is also working with the community on the new Odessen Proving Grounds warzone and have been running events to solicit feedback. Both Odessen and the Rishi Arena are expected to launch on April 5th.

You can read the full synopsis of the stream on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forum.


Suzie Ford

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