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ESPN Is Reporting that the H1Z1 Pro League is Shutting Down

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ESPN has received a copy of a letter sent out from Jace Hall to the participating teams in the H1Z1 Pro League to let them know that "the 2nd Split has been suspended indefinitely, and that a second league season will not be renewed or scheduled at this time". The notice comes just over half a year since the inaugural professional season began but also after reports that teams were not receiving promised funds.

As a part of participating in the league, each team was to receive $400,000 per split -- collectively $3 million across 15 teams, sources told ESPN. Of that money, $250,000 was meant for player salaries, with the other $150,000 given for content creation and other expenses. Per the league participation agreements, those payments were due to teams seven weeks prior to the start of a league split.

The second split of the league was originally scheduled for Sept. 15, with the payment scheduled to be made by July 28.

Hall told league teams that there was "a dwindling player base and interest in H1Z1"  and indicated that this was the reason for the cancellation of the league going forward. He further reported that Twin Galaxies, the company that partnered with Daybreak Games, was still actively working with league teams to pay out the owed stipends and payments.

You can read the full report at ESPN.


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