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ESO's Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event Starts Today

Dig for treasure, earn collectibles

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Attention treasure hunter, Elder Scrolls Online’s Lost Treasures of Skyrim event starts today.

The event is set to run through October 5 at 10a EDT. You’ll be able to unlock antiquities and bonus collectibles by completing daily quests in Western Skyrim. Of course, you’ll need Greymoor to participate.

You’ll be able to earn three tiers of rewards. Tier 1 unlocks Horror Within and Body Markings. Tier 2 unlocks Orchidfall Vale Fawn pet. And Tier 3 unlocks Antiquarian’s Alpine Gallery home and Antiquarian Phedre Houseguest. As a side note, this is actually the first houseguest in ESO.

You can add these guests to your home as a collectible essentially. You can of course interact with them as well. Bonus rewards and materials are up for grabs during the event as well. For example, the first daily quest you complete will net you a Bulging Box of Gray Host Pillage. These boxes have a chance to provide you any of these items:

  • Crafting materials
  • Valuables to be sold to vendors
  • Style items for the Blackreach Vanguard or Gray Host styles
  • Zone set items
  • Treasure maps and survey reports
  • Chaurus Eggs, Vile Coagulant, or Crimson Nirnroot
  • Blackreach Vanguard Motif Chapter
  • Greymoor Motif Chapter
  • NEW Sovngarde Style pages
  • Greymoor furnishing recipes

You can check out the full details for this event right here.


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