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ESO Streamers Teaming Up To #SlayDragonsSaveCats Through December 8

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online Community of streamers is banding together to make one more push in ZeniMax's #SlayDragonsSaveCats charity promotion. Benefiting the Best Friends Animal Society and FOUR PAWS, ESO streamers will be raising money for the charities with chances to win in-game loot for random donators.

Via a blog post on the ESO website, interested streamers can sign up for to stream and help raise money for the two charities. As viewers donate, raising a certain amount of money will unlock rewards for those donating, including the following:

  • When each campaign reaches $1,000 in donations, we’ll give away five Legendary Dragon Wolf pets to random donators.
  • When each campaign reaches $2,500 in donations, we’ll give away five Legendary Dragon Horse mounts to five random donators.
  • When both campaigns reach $5,000, ESO’s Creative Director Rich Lambert has committed to dyeing his hair whatever color you choose! Yikes!
  • When each campaign reaches $7,500 in donations, we’ll give away three Wrathstone tablets to three random donators.
  • And when each campaign hits its goal of $10,000, one lucky donator will receive a Gaming Heads Breton statue!

The official ESO Twitch Channel will also be live during the course of the event, streaming on Wednesday, December 4th from 3-7pm EST. That stream will be doing its own giveaways as well and events, such as a host having to survive a Bean Boozled Jellybean challenge for ever $25 donation, and playing potentially one handed or blindfolded for a $75 donation. 


Be sure to check out the official game channel of ESO on Twitch to see the myriad of streams now through December 8th. 


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