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ESO Shares Creative Director’s 2019 Retrospective

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Elder Scrolls Online Creative Directory, Rich Lambert, has shared a letter with the community looking back on 2019.

The letter starts by thanking the community while looking back at the five year anniversary of the MMO,

“This was the first time we’d combined all of the year’s releases (Wrathstone, Elsweyr, Scalebreaker, and Dragonhold) into a single, continuous narrative, and we’re thrilled with all of the positive reactions to it.”

He continued, outlining the challenges still faced such as performance improvements and committing to continue improving performance moving forward. He then went on to looking at community contributions, such as the #SlayDragonsSaveCats charity campaign,

“In just under two and a half months, you all managed to slaughter over one million Dragons and raise thousands via charity streams, resulting in well over $220,000 donated for animal welfare. Unbelievable! It really is remarkable just what this community can do when it works together. Without your passion and dedication, we wouldn’t be where we are today–thank you.”

The letter ends looking forward to 2020 and teasing just what the next chapter in Skyrim holds.


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